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55 Gallons - Paul Cachia
Lighting: twin 900mm 30 watt tubes + Reflectors, on for 11 hours per day. + Night lighting on for 2 hours after main lights go off (blue moon night light)
Filtration: Extrenal Sacem 1000l/hr (Carbon, PhosZorb, Black Peat, Ceramic Pipes, Filterfloss) + Internal Fluval 1 filter (filter floss).
Fish: Tiger Barbs, Harlequins, Flying Fox, Zebra Loaches.
Water Parameters:
ph 7   gh 6   Kh 3
0.05 mg/l phosphate and no nitrite and nitrates and no ammonia.
Water Changes 2 to 3 times a week changing 20 liters every time.
Water is pre-filtered in a 25 liter bucket through hardness absorbing resins and peat.


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