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Tom's Aquarium Fish
10 Gallon Tanks


Both Tanks are Temporary and will be taken down soon

Both of these tanks are temporary in that they will be taken down in the next few months.
In tank one, I have some Bronze Delta Tail guppies, 1 otto, and 3 albino corydoras.  I also have an amazon sword plant.  Decor is gravel and a little bit of lace rock. It is heaterless, and has an Eclipse1 hood, which supplies 15 watts of light and a filtration system of 125 GPH w/ Biowheel.
Tank two is a planted tank.  It has a single male betta, with a whole bunch of watersprite.  It has supplimentery CO2, some clay pots, large gravel, PVC pipe, and some fake caves.  It is powered by a 50 watt heater, AquaClear Mini, and 20 watts of light.


Created 6/5/02