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Tom's Aquarium Fish


Ok, asap I'm going to take pictures of all my tanks and update the pages here, I've been so busy.  I'm also discontinuing the "your tanks" feature, I just don't have the time to update that page anymore.
Cheers, Tom 7/10/02
I'm still trying to get time where I'm not doing something and a digital camera is around, so I WILL get to the updated pictures and info!!
Cheers, Tom 7/22/02

What's New?

6.11.2 -- Updated 44 Gallon and Species Profile page
6.6.02 -- Updated 29 Gallon page
6.6.02 -- Added WebRing Thingy
6.6.02 -- Made menu graphics
6.6.02 -- Added Links page
6.5.02 -- Added Articles page
6.5.02 -- Added Your Tanks page
6.5.02 -- Added 10 Gallon page
6.5.02 -- Added 15 Gallon page
6.5.02 -- Added 20 Gallon page
6.4.02 -- Added 29 Gallon page
6.4.02 -- Added 44 Gallon page
6.4.02 -- Just started up!

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